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I was walking on plum beach today and came upon this extremely strange rotting creature that resembles some kind of genetically modified animal, everyone says it is a cat, I for the life of me couldn't believe what I was seeing and how grotesque and smelly it was just laying there getting knocked around by the waves, I couldn't have been the only who saw this because there were some other people on the beach as well, but knowing how people are oblivious today maybe I was the only one who seen it. I studied the bone structure up close and this is not a regular cat if it is a cat to begin with.
You want the Swiss Pass? Here are ten things you should not do. This video was in the comedy event last May in Thun "Caution, side effects abdominal cramps!" produced. A group of young second-generation immigrants sat in a humorous way with the issue of integration apart and illustrated like a not entirely free of criticism own view of the debate.
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